RocketJump Kickstarter for VGHS Season 2

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RocketJump, a media company started by the minds behind the Youtube channel FreddieW, have started a Kickstarter project for funding the second season of their show, Video Game High School (VGHS)

The project has been running for just over 2 weeks and it has already reached 2/3 of the funding goal. Just a few weeks left to get in on the fun.

Season 1, released at the beginning of summer last year, introduced us to a world where video games aren’t just an afternoon retreat, but a major way of life. In this world you don’t just play the games, you are in the games. Instead of games on a screen, the games are shown as performed by live action actors. Like movie stars and models of today, video game champions are treated like celebrities.

Catch up with Season 1:

Brandon and Freddie bring to the series their experience with doing Special Effects for Youtube videos. Their love of gun effects is present throughout this series and they continue to improve over what they had been doing weekly on Youtube when recreating the idea of a First Person Shooter (FPS) with live-action footage.

Season 1 was 9 episodes long and came to over 2 hours of footage. The acting was decent, if over the top on occasion. The story was interesting, even if the basic plot has been seen in many stories. Given the goal of RocketJump is to try and make shows whose value rises above the normally perceived level of bare budgeted backyard flicks to something like what one sees from TV, I’d say they’re off to a good start with the first season. Each episode has gotten over 3 million views since their publication, which is more than some TV stations have gotten for some episodes of their shows.