Raven Releases Two Star Wars Games

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I'm sure this has been reported quite a few places in the last 24 hours since the announcement happened. Raven Software has released two of their games under the GPL (version 2.0). This means the games are truly free to download, modify and release. Granted, these aren't exactly new titles (Jedi Academy was released in late 2003 and Jedi Outcast was released in 2002), but like the old Id titles, like Quake, releasing the code makes it easier for modders to change things and can even give the system new life for other games.

The source for each of the games is now up on Sourceforge.net. Grab the code, compile it if all you want to do is play the old game. Or learn from it and make more stories to be told in a galaxy far, far away.

Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast are already being forked by other Sourceforge users. I wouldn't be surprised to see modders taking advantage of the direct access to the code to make changes to the models (skins, weapons, gestures) that weren't as possible before. Since both games are based on the Quake III game engine, they already include all the needed code for doing multiplayer games over a local network. Given the power of modern computers these games could be extended to do something similar to The Old Republic MMO game currently running.

And for those that can't seem to wait for Fantasy Flight Games to release their RPG for the Jedi (Force and Destiny), maybe this will be a good way to tide you over rather than griping about the lack of Jedi in the age of the Empire, heheh.