Pathfinder's Golarion in Motion

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 Golarion, the default world for the Pathfinder system from Paizo Publishing is not a fully mapped out world, but what has been revealed has allowed at least a few attempts at a more complete map of the world. Taking one of the best that could be found that is actually detailed:

Fan made map of Golarion

which appears to be based on the less detailed map that has been available on some sites:

Undetailed Map of Golarion

Wanting to see what the world might look like as an actual globe, the detailed version of the map was projected onto a sphere and set spinning. This revealed the oddity of the map about what really happens near the poles when a flat, rectangular map (mercator projected image) back to spherical, which shrinks the top of the map to a single point, forces the polar cap to only be present on half the sphere.

 In the Adventure Path: Jade Regent the party of adventurers are forced to travel from the Inner Sea region, over the Crown of the World to get to Tian Xia. The maps for the Crown show that the land and ice cover the entire top of the world, much like the Antarctic does in our world. As can be seen, the spot on the planar projection from above the pole becomes the top of the entire image. The radial lines of longitude in the right image become the parallel vertical lines in the left image. The shrinking areas of latitude rings become what looks like equal area squares, but they're actually shrinking areas that are distorted by the projection.

Crown of the World

 What might help when drawing a world map is to understand that what leaves the top of the map reappears at the top of the map half the width away going the other direction. So, what is 25% of the way across the map meets up with what is 75% of the way across the map. As can be seen in the above image, going north from the Inner Sea region (bottom of the right picture, right side of the left picture) will leave the map going straight up and come back on the left half of the image. Hopefully this helps with how to change a drawing from one map type to another.