In Media Res and replicating the feel of a TV show in a role playing session

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In Media Res happens in shows or movies where we, the audience, are dropped into the story in the middle of events already in progress. For example, the characters on screen are in the middle of a heist already in progress, but near the end, where the characters are making their getaway from the people they just stole from. In other media, this allows the audience to learn about the world, the main protagonist, etc… without it being done in the boring way of “talking exposition”.

Star Wars Vehicle Dashboards

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A new resource has become available for the various Star Wars games (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny) produced by Fantasy Flight Games that I thought was pretty well done. These are basic dashboards to help players track the ship they are currently on and keep a basic list of actions that one could perform while the pilot or the astromech on the ship.

Gaming logs using TiddlyWiki

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Hoi, Chummer. Welcome to the 21st Century of gaming. With a return to gaming as a player, I've taken up the task of just trying to get notes down about what has happened in the game sessions so that some of the information isn't lost over time and help track what the group is up to. Rather than just using something simple and old fashioned, like paper, or slightly newer ideas, like a Word document, I've taken to utilizing a new tool that has been discussed before.

Pathfinder's Golarion in Motion

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 Golarion, the default world for the Pathfinder system from Paizo Publishing is not a fully mapped out world, but what has been revealed has allowed at least a few attempts at a more complete map of the world. Taking one of the best that could be found that is actually detailed:

Fan made map of Golarion

which appears to be based on the less detailed map that has been available on some sites:

War of the Dead: Alternate Beginnings

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Nearly a year ago Daring Entertainment ran a kickstarter for an expansion/campaign guide for the War of the Dead titled World of the Dead. As part of that they have released War of the Dead: Alternate Beginnings, a replacement for the first six weeks of Chapter One for War of the Dead. Instead of being on a Caribbean cruise, isolated and unaware, the players are there when the outbreak begins and the world falls. The nightmare begins quickly and doesn't let up through the replacement weeks that end and are taken up by week seven of Chapter One.

War (World) of the Dead Character Sheet

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"One day, everything was normal. Kids went to school. Parents went to work or stayed home doing normal chores. Highways suffered from traffic jams and people committed petty crimes (and not so petty) against each other. And then IT happened. A flu struck that was unlike any other before it. People quickly got sick, some seemed to die, and when they woke up... they were Different. Hungry. Feral. They felt no pain and just seemed to want to eat their fellow man.

Savage Worlds Conversions

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The day has come. The party is creeping along in a new and exciting dungeon that's hasn't seen the light of day in centuries. They turn the corner and come face to face with... Hmm... I thought I had something planned, but now I can't find my stats. Maybe that notecard fell out of my folder. Oh, well. I have the Pathfinder site open... But this is Savage Worlds. It is so simple to wing it with a monster, but why not have actual stats to make the monster more unique than just some d6s mixed with a d8 here or there.