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I found this site, MyMiniCity, from another site. It is basically SimCity in a webpage, but instead of the city creator controlling where and what gets built, that is decided by the links that users follow to get to the particular city. Since each IP address can only visit the city once a day and have an influence on what the city gets (population, roads, parks, factories, strip malls, etc...) and that is decided by the link the user follows, I decided to write a little perl script that can parse the XML for the given city or cities and from that decide what link should be followed when going to the city itself.

Currently the script is command-line only and accepts a few options for getting to the cities. While the script itself should be able to work on Mac, Windows and Linux, I only have the method for opening the browser to visit the city working on Windows. It calls up the default browser that is set by the user. So, if you have FireFox as your preference, then FireFox is opened.

By default the script uses a file called "cities.xml" that resides in the same directory as it for storing the various cities you want it to visit. You can add more cities by feeding it the URL to the city and it will add it to the xml file for subsequent visits.

"MyMiniCity" reads in a series of URLs and follows them one at a time to increase a city's population or other industry.

myminicity --url=
myminicity --file=path\to\xml\file

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